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Mikdad: Israeli occupation will not affect relations that connect Syria and Iran

Damascus, SANA-Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Fayssal Mikdad, accompanied by a delegation of the ministry, visited on Monday the chancery of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus to check on the safety of its staff in the wake of the brutal Israeli terrorist aggression that targeted the Iranian Consulate building in Damascus.

During the visit, Minister Al- Mikdad made a telephone call with Iranian Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir Abdollahian, in which he expressed Syria’s strong condemnation of this fascist aggression against the diplomatic building, and the Syrian Arab Republic’s standing by the Islamic Republic of Iran in the face of the attacks it is being exposed to, these attacks that express a state of the hysteria to which the Zionist entity is going through as a result of its miserable failure in its war against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

For his part, Minister Abdullahian expressed his thanks and appreciation to Minister Mikdad for his quick initiative to stand alongside his brothers in the Iranian embassy in Damascus, which represents a strong message of support and stresses once again that Syria and Iran stand together in the face of Israeli barbarism that has exceeded all limits.

In a press statement at the conclusion of the visit, Mikdad stressed that the Israeli occupation entity will not be able to affect the relations between Iran and Syria, expressing his condemnation of the Israeli terrorist attack that targeted the Iranian consulate building.

 “We, at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, affirm once again that Israel cannot affect the relationship between the Syrian Arab Republic and the Islamic Republic of Iran.” Mikdad said. 

He added “We have said for a long time that “Israel,” the racist entity, is a symbol of terrorism in this world, and the massacres committed by the Zionists, especially in Gaza Strip, indicate that they are not human, and indicate that they are fighting people wherever they are, and this matter is also reflected in those who support “Israel”, especially in the United States of America.”

Mikdad described the Israeli attack that targeted the Iranian consulate building in Damascus as heinous terrorist act that led to the martyrdom of a number of innocent people, indicating that targeting embassies is prohibited under international law, and we strongly condemn this criminal act carried out by the Zionist enemy.

For his part, Iran’s ambassador in Damascus, Hussein Akbari, affirmed  that the Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate reflects the reality of the Zionist entity, which does not recognize any international laws and does everything inhumane to achieve what it wants.

Akbari stressed that Iran continues to stand by the resistant peoples and is not afraid of the crimes and attacks of the usurping Zionist entity, noting that there is a responsibility on international institutions and organizations to stop Zionist crimes that violate international law.

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