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Mikdad: Israel behind fierce attack against Syria

Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Fayssal Mikdad hailed the deep ties binding the Syrian and Jordanian peoples. During his meeting with a delegation of Jordanian figures on Thursday, Mikdad blamed Israel for the fierce attack against Syria and the region.

Mikdad reiterated Syria’s condemnation of ISIS execution of Jordanian pilot Maaz al-Kasasbeh, wondering how the Jordanian government can reconcile combating terrorism in the north of Syria and support it in its south. Mikdad said Syria appreciates the support of Jordanian people who stand against to Zionist and Western schemes which take aim at Syria’s unity and territorial integrity.

For his part, Sami al-Majali, the head of the delegation, said the Jordanian people are aware of the Israeli conspiracy targeting Syria and the region to serve the Zionist project.
The delegation members expressed pleasure for visiting Syria, affirming their confidence in the victory of the Syrian Army, leadership and people over terrorism.

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