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MASSACRE IN THE EYES OF THE WORLD(+13): Rabid zionist butcher israhell shoot 15 year old child in the head, brings Gaza death toll to 39



Four Palestinians have been killed and 650 others injured, as Israel violently responds to the fourth week of peaceful Friday demonstrations, taking place across the Gaza Strip.

So far, 39 Palestinians have been brutally executed in by the Israeli military in Gaza, since the beginning of the ‘Great Return March’.

Great Return March, Gaza, April 20.

One of the recent victims of an Israeli sniper being a 15 year old boy. Fifteen year old, Mohammed Ibrahim Ayoub, was shot in the head by an Israeli Sniper whilst simply standing, unarmed, near the Gaza border with other demonstrators.

15 year old Palestinian, murdered by Israeli Sniper fire near the Gaza border.

Israel shoot 15 yr old child in the head bringing Gaza death toll to 39

Israeli Snipers also shot and killed three others, beginning with Ahmad Abu Aqel, a 25 year old unarmed man from Jabalia refugee Camp (Gaza Strip). The Sniper shot Ahmad with an internationally banned explosive bullet.

Ahmad Abu Naqil, 25, executed by an Israeli Sniper firing an explosive bullet.

Sa’d Abu Taha, 32 years old and Ahmad Rashad Al Athamnah, 24 years old, were also shot and killed by Israeli Snipers.

In addition to the murders, over 645 unarmed Palestinian demonstrators have confirmed to have been injured, more than 200 with live ammunition.

Wound inflicted by Israeli explosive bullet fire, in Gaza.

Israel have, since the start of the 6 week, non-violent, Great Return March, shot and injured around 1500 Palestinians with live ammunition.

There will be two more Friday’s of protest to come, ending on the 15th of May, on Nakba Day.

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