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Marzieh Hashemi Calls for Protests against ‘Illegal Detentions’ in Great Satan US

Iranian anchor who was arrested by the FBI, Marzieh Hashemi, slammed the US legal system in her first appearance since being released.

In a video message to Press TV on Thursday, a day after was released, Hashemi spoke against US injustice. She condemned her detention in the United States, warning that anyone can be subject to such illegal behavior of the US government.

“I condemn the situation in the United States that individuals can be detained, arrested without charge.”

She called for staging protests against the unfair justice system in the US in order to prevent such “illegal” practices.

“My request is that these demonstrations continue, that we definitely have them, because it is not about Marzieh Hashemi… it is not about me,” she asserted.

“It is important to know this can happen to any person at any time in the United States.”

Hashemi pointed to the importance of raising awareness about the kind of treatment that African Americans, Muslims and people from other minority groups in the US were receiving at the hands of police and other security agencies.

“It’s a call for all of you to turn out for demonstrations in your cities—wherever you are—to condemn these… illegal detentions and imprisonment of innocent people,” she concluded.

Also on Thursday, Hashemi spoke to Associated Press, stating that she was not charged with a crime but was detained by the FBI for 10 days as a material witness in a grand jury investigation in Washington.

“It is not related to terrorism and has to do with my job and the fact that I live in Iran,” she added.

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