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MAP: Eastern Syria after latest Syrian Army victories over ISIS in Homs



The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its paramilitary allies have, over the last couple of days, achieved a number of strategic territorial advances against the ISIS terrorist group in eastern Homs Governorate.

In the northeastern reaches of the province, the SAA’s elite Tiger Forces, capitalizing on a brilliant air assault operation launched about one week ago, have liberated from ISIS the strategic crossroad town of al-Taybeh, coming to within 20 kilometers of army units belonging to the 5th Assault Corps in al-Sukhnah.

Following the liberation of al-Sukhnah town in the easternmost part of Homs Governorate, the SAA’s 5th Assault Corps has since expanded its buffer zone around the strategic settlement to the north and the east, securing a number of important heights and gas fields; all whilst repelling seemingly endless ISIS counterattacks at the same time.

At the far southeastern extreme of Homs, the SAA and pro-government paramilitaries finally liberated, after many weeks of back and forth fighting, the town of Hamimah (also called Humaymah) near the provincial border with Deir Ezzor Governorate and are at the current time consolidating their positions in and near the settlement; again, whilst simultaneously parrying determined ISIS counterattacks.

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