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Long Convoy of ISIL’s Vehicles Destroyed in Syrian Airstrikes en Route to Deir Ezzur



The Syrian and Russian fighter jets targeted a long convoy of ISIL’s vehicles that had left Raqqa province for Deir Ezzur province in Eastern Syria, and destroyed tens of the vehicles.

The aircraft pounded ISIL’s long convoy that had left Raqqa for al-Baqaleh region along the road that connects the town of al-Sukhnah to Deir Ezzur city, destroying tens of military vehicles, including a number of bomb-laden vehicles.

A number of ISIL terrorists were also killed or wounded in the air raid.

Local sources reported on Tuesday that ISIL was planning to announce Deir Ezzur city as its new capital in Syria after the US-backed Kurdish-led SDF inked an agreement with the ISIL that allows militants’ exit from Raqqa city without a battle.

The sources said that while the US and the Predominately Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) permitted ISIL terrorists to leave their capital city of Raqqa without clashes, the Takfiri terrorists were moving towards Deir Ezzur in groups.

In the meantime, the Russian-language Izvestia daily reported that the agreement between the SDF and ISIL on evacuation of terrorists from Raqqa caused intensified ISIL attacks on pro-government forces’ positions in Deir Ezzur.

The paper further added that the ISIL was trying to drive the Syrian Army troops out of Deir Ezzur city to declare it as its new capital.

The daily went on to say that the Syrian General Command was about to dispatch fresh forces from Palmyra to Deir Ezzur on airplanes to join the army forces in Deir Ezzur to face ISIL as strong as possible.

Izvestia also said that the general command would possibly use Ilyushin Il-76 cargo planes they recently received from Russia in this operation.

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