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Lebanon’s Nasrallah has deep impact on Israeli society: Paper

Lebanon’s Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah has significant influence on the Israeli society, writes a Lebanese newspaper.

Al-Akhbar recently wrote that all Zionist senior officials and commanders acknowledge the influence and impact of Nasrallah on the Zionist society and believe that successive failures of the Israelis are the result of Hezbollah’s leader exceptional qualifications.

The newspaper added that Nasrallah again infiltrated the Zionist enemy’s community and was at the center of Israeli public opinion’s attention.

‘Following frequent requests for Nasrallah’s assassination and successive warnings that his lectures, half of which relate to the main issues of Israel, Israeli TV channel ‘KAN’ in a program address his leadership and the amount of risk his leadership has in the resistance against this regime,’ wrote the daily.

The 50-minute program entitled ‘Nasrallah’s Decoding’ included interviews with former prime ministers, former chiefs of staff of the army, intelligence researchers and military commanders, which concluded that the Lebanese Hezbollah’s secretary general succeeded in ‘decoding Israel’.

‘Despite the fact that after the war in 2006, Israel tried to halt the effects of Nasrallah on the institutions and the Israeli society, but after 12 years, his name and speeches are still quoted by his most fierce enemies; Those who, in various ways, have highlighted the perilousness of Hezbollah’s successes in the light of his leadership, to the point where he was described as ‘the most ardent enemy’ and ‘the greatest threat’ of Israel, and who occupied the mindset of the people in occupied Palestinians’ territory more than others.’, the daily stressed.

The Zionists have confessed to this and said, ‘No Arab leader is as important for us as he is. We Israelis listen to his words and believe him. He also knows this very well, so he tries to use it effectively to cause worries and terror among us.

‘Many officials and military leaders and experts in the program acknowledged that Nasrallah was well knows Israel. Therefore, Israel understands that the Hezbollah victory over them, despite the fact that they (Zionists) have the strategic capabilities and international support of some Arab countries, is the result of the exceptional qualifications and merits (of Nasrallah) in strategic and political issues which its worth is not less than military ability.’

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