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Lebanon Security Forces Arrest Syrian Collaborator with zionist ‘israeli’ Enemy: Recruited Two Brother Army Officers for Mossad

The Lebanese security forces-information branch managed to arrest a Syrian collaborator with the Zionist enemy as he had recruited his two brothers who are Retired army officers to work for Mossad.

The traitor is Moaeen Youssef. 53, who lives in Sweden and works as a doctor at one of the Swedish hospitals.

The traitor told the Lebanese investigators that someone sent him an email in 2018 offering him an environmental aid to his country.

“‘Christopher’ offered funding a charity project aimed at purifying water in Damascus,” he added.

Youssef added that he suggested cooperating with his two brothers who are army officers before he visited Syria in order to coordinate the project with towns mayors in Damascus.

The traitor met with his Mossad operators in Stockholm twice, Prague, Milan, and Roma where Youssef was provided with the telecommunication devices needed to convey the secret data from his two brothers to Mossad agency.

In August, 2020, the collaborator felt that the Mossad operators turned to be more serious and firm in dealing with him and forced him to meet them in Switzerland in order to provide them with information about his family.

Mossad operators provided the traitor with the all the expenses of his collaboration activities, asking him to send them images and data of the water and highways network in Damascus in addition to informational reports about two Syrians.

Youssef also told the Lebanese investigators that he and his brothers continued to collaborate with the Mossad agency even after they identified the identity of the operators.

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