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Leader’s views on Revoking the citizenship of Bahrain’s father by Barbaric zionist Bahrain regime


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Leader’s views on Revoking the citizenship of Bahrain’s father by Barbaric zionist Bahrain regime
Bahrain, Imam Ali Khamenei, Iran, Leaders of Ummah, Middle East, Slides23 June 2016 0:39

The Bahraini regime is trying to revoke the noble Sheikh Issa Qassim’s citizenship while the Sheikh is actually older than the regime and the country’s constitution was drafted thanks to the efforts of Sheikh Issa Qassim and those like him.

‘On the issue of Bahrain, what do the people of Bahrain want? The people of Bahrain say that every individual from among the nation should be given a vote in order to elect the government. A vote for each person. Well, are you not speaking about democracy? Are you not saying that you are the emblem of democracy? Are you not saying that you want to defend democracy? Very well, is there any kind of democracy which is clearer than this? Not only do they not give them the right to vote, but they also pressure, insult and humiliate the majority of the people. These people form the majority of the population. These people who are asserting their rights form 70, 80 percent of the population. The oppressive minority has the power in his hands and he is doing whatever he wants to them.
He even insults their holy beliefs. In the month of Muharram, they harassed those who took to the minbar, who delivered eulogies, who set up mourning banners and who performed rowzas. They even harassed someone who cursed Yazid – “All praise belongs to God” [speaking in Arabic]. Well, the reason why they are so shameless is that they are Yazidis. They defend Yazid. Should Yazid – who is the most disreputable person throughout the history of Islam – not be cursed? God’s curse be upon those who harass the Holy Prophet (s.w.a.) and his children and household. This is their behavior. This is Bahrain.’
Ayatollah Khamenei, Nov 25, 2015

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