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Leader of Islamic Ummah Sayyed Imam Ali Khamenei to authorize Rouhani to take the office



In a ceremony in Tehran this Thursday, August 3, Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Sayyed Imam Ali Khamenei will officially authorize President Hassan Rouhani to take the office for the second term.
The endorsement ceremony will be attended by senior Iranian officials and military authorities.
The swearing-in ceremony for President Rouhani will be held in the parliament on August 5.
After taking the oath of office at an open session of the parliament -to be attended by foreign guests- President Rouhani will have two weeks to submit his new cabinet to the parliament for a vote of confidence.According to Tasnim, the lawmakers will then assess the programs of the proposed ministerial picks for a week, before an open session for the vote of confidence.

In Iran’s presidential election on May 19, Rouhani garnered 23,549,616 votes from a total of 41,220,131 ballots. The runner-up, Ebrahim Raisi, secured 38.5% of the votes.

No sitting president in Iran has failed to win a second term since 1981.

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