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LATEST MAP: ISIS on its last legs in Mosul as Iraqi Army liberates four suburbs



The Iraqi Armed Forces have proven highly productive over the past 48 hours, liberating four neighborhoods in Mosul city and placing ISIS with its back against the wall on the Tigris River.

Pushing ever quicker through the Islamic State pocket with overwhelming numbers, the Iraqi Army imposed full control over the Al-Aurabi, Hawi Al-Kanisah, Harmat, Islah Al-Zera’i neighborhoods.

The advance was secured by the Rapid Response Division, Counter Terrorism Units and Iraqi Federal Police, three wings of the Iraqi Armed Forces competing to liberate the most urban territory inside the former Islamic State bastion.


With operations underway to cut the ISIS pocket in two down the middle, Iraqi troops also captured around 40% of the Al-Rafaee district.

Over 60 ISIS insurgents were killed during intense urban warfare on Monday and dozens more captured with jihadist moral reportedly at an all-time low.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Nineveh governorate, the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) renewed their push on the Qayruwan region, liberating the villages of Khazna Al-Janobuia, Karkash, Sultan, Tall Sheikh, Kabar, Khazna Al-Shimalia, and Tall Kasab.

ISIS commanders and their families have reportedly begun to flee to Syria from the Qayruwan and Ba’aj regions with the PMU moving ever closer to the border with Syria.

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