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Latest battlefield map from Aleppo City



The Syrian Armed Forces had a productive day in the Aleppo Governorate on Saturday, capturing several sites around the provincial capital’s eastern districts after a fierce battle with Fatah Halab.

Led by the 102nd Brigade of the Republican Guard and Liwaa Al-Quds (Palestinian paramilitary), the Syrian Armed Forces managed to establish full control over the strategic Al-‘Oweija District after overrunning Fatah Halab’s defenses at the western axis.

Following the capture of the Al-‘Oweija District, the Syrian Armed Forces shifted their attention south towards the imperative Jandoul Roundabout; this would result in another fierce battle with the jihadist rebels.

One hour after launching their assault at the Jandoul Roundabout, the Syrian Armed Forces announced the capture of this site, forcing the jihadist rebels to retreat south in order to avoid being overrun.

Since the capture of the Al-‘Oweija District, the Syrian Armed Forces have cooled down their assault on eastern Aleppo in order to allow the Russian Air Force to bombard Fatah Halab’s positions at Al-Sakhour’s western axis.

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