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Larijani: Syria must be backed, it’s Iran’s honor to serve it


Speaker of Iran’s Shura Council Ali Larijani said Sunday the issue of combating terrorism is not a matter of concern for Syria only, stressing that many of the region’s countries are involved in fighting the terrorist groups.
Given this “key point” that should be taken into consideration, support must be provided to Syria, government and people, in its fight against terrorism, said Larijani, addressing a press conference held jointly with the People’s Assembly’s Speaker Mohammad Jihad al-Laham.
He dismissed the claim of those who have been killing and got engaged in wars over years to be fighting in the name of establishing democracy, stressing that the matter is one that has nothing to do with democracy.
Larijani stressed that some Western countries and others in the region have been providing support to the terrorists, recalling Iran’s warning that this conduct is an “adventure” that would ignite a fire which cannot be extinguished.
He wondered “Why is it that in every state in which the US interfered, a terror movement would emerge at a later time,” citing particularly Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. This question needs an answer, Larijani added.
He criticized the “tactical approach” of the US in addressing the issue of terrorism as a “strategic mistake,” noting that the US has now come to notice this problem “which they created and are today suffering from.”
Syria, Larijani said, has been a leading country in resisting Israel and the Zionists “at a time when many others were sunk in deep torpor, “and now Syria is paying the price for this resistance, stressing that “it’s our honor to serve the brotherly country of Syria.”
He noted that his discussions with President Bashar al-Assad and Speaker al-Laham that preceded the press conference dealt with the critical regional issues, on top being terrorism.
Al-Laham, for his part, stressed that Syria and Iran keep in continuous contact with each other as far as the situation in the region is concerned, and “We constantly exchange views on means of facing the terrorist organizations and …defending the region’s peoples against the deadly terrorist tide.”
He extended greetings to the leadership, government and people of Iran for their supportive attitude towards Syria politically and economically, noting that the support of Syria’s friends, including Iran, Russia, China and Latin American countries, has been a helpful and key element in confronting terrorism.
Larijani-Damascus Airport
Earlier upon his arrival at Damascus International Airport where he was received by Speaker al-Laham, Larijani stressed that the solution to the crisis in Syria should be political and built on democratic bases according to the will of the Syrian people, saying that “The Syrians must be unified and take a decision for the future of their country.”
Speaking in a statement to journalists, Larijani said his visit to Syria aims at providing support to the Syrian Government and people, in addition to discussing the current situations as well as consulting with Syrian officials with regard to solving the standing political issues.
He expressed hope that the current moves which are taking place in the region will finally lead to solving the crisis in Syria.
In a statement before leaving Tehran heading, on a four-day tour, for Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, Larijani stressed that terrorists in Syria and Iraq have caused problems, chaos and crises, saying “Security and stability are one of the most important factors of growth and development, particularly in the economic field.”
He added that he will discuss with the officials in these countries ways of enhancing bilateral relations and regional and international situations as well as means of countering terrorism.
Larijani expressed regret that some of the major powers and of regional countries are creating chaos in other countries, saying “We wish that we will propose strategies and solutions to combating terrorism during our talks with Syrian, Iraqi and Lebanese officials.”
Regarding his visit to Iraq, he indicated that Iran and Iraq share the same opinion about the region and the world, adding that boosting trade exchange with Iraq will be discussed with Iraqi officials.
Larijani will be accompanied by Iranian Assistant Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir Abdullahian and a delegation from the Iranian Shura Council.

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