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Larijani: Reliance on domestic potentials only way to save economy


Iran Majlis (Parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani said on Wednesday that today what can protect Iran against bad behaviors and economic pressures is reliance on local capabilities and capacities.

ddressing the inaugural ceremony of Ayatollah Boroujerid Boulevard in Qom late Wednesday, he added that under the current conditions where the strategy is to boost public investments, it is necessary for the officials to pave the way for easy investment.

He also called for providing incentives for exporters, as exports will grow under such conditions.

Majlis welcomes changes in the cabinet members, saying that the changes should take place soon.

“If all of us pursue a single goal and ministries turn into knowledge-based companies, Iranian capacities will emerge to change conditions in the country,” he said.

Despite talks with the US and conclusion of a deal between Iran and 5+1 Group, Washington reneged on the deal and abandoned it, a move condemned by all countries except one or two, he said.

As to talks with the EU, Larijani said that one cannot count on them and fate of the country should not be tied to their promises.

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