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Khatib: Israeli ministers’ visits to Aqsa dangerous move


Former deputy head of the Islamic Movement in the 1948 occupied Palestine Sheikh Kamal al-Khatib described settler break-ins led by extremist ministers and lawmakers into al-Aqsa Mosque on Sunday as a dangerous move.

Al-Khatib said in press statements on Sunday that these break-ins would pave the way for further aggressions on the holy site.

“As the first anniversary of July’s protests against the metal detectors set up at al-Aqsa Mosque’s gates is approaching, Israel must remember that al-Aqsa Mosque is the spark that ignites the Palestinian anger,” al-Khatib added.

He called on the Palestinian people to intensify their presence in al-Aqsa Mosque to thwart Israel’s attempts to change the status quo of the holy site.

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