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‘Kashmir mayhem, example of State Terrorism’


Majlis Wahdat ul Muslimeen Pakistan (Shia political-religious party) Central Secretary General Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafri strongly condemned the recent mayhem in Kashmir that took more than 30 innocent lives at the hands of Indian forces, claiming it an example of State Terrorism.

MWM’s Allama Nasir said it is not inhumane but against all norms for what has transpired in Kashmir; India is forcefully curbing a mass freedom movement.

The people have the right to choose and they have made their choice, India has no right to intervene. They have usurped not only the land but their freedom as well. United Nations and other Humanitarian organizations should intervene and bring a resolve to the issue.

He said that Indian forces are trying to silence any voice that goes against their will, force is being brutally utilized and atrocities witnessed. Nations across the world who have a tendency of intervening beyond boundaries wherever an opportunity arises, in the name of justice and peace, should take notice of these Indian brutalities and put a leash on it before things go offhand.

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