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Jobar Erupts: Syrian Arab Army Storms Jaysh Al-Islam’s Stronghold

Jobar Erupts Syrian Arab Army Storms Jaysh Al-Islam’s Stronghold

The Syrian Arab Army stormed Jaysh Al-Islam’s positions near Parliament Square inside the strategic city of Jobar in Rif Dimashq. Jobar is located inside the East Ghouta, a few kilometers from central Damascus.

Violent clashes broke out between the SAA and Jaysh Al-Sham around 8 A.M. Damascus Time and continued late into the evening on Friday. The Syrian Air Force heavily bombarded Jaysh Al-Sham’s positions, causing severe damage to the latter’s defenses.

Both sides suffered heavy causalities, with Syrian Arab Army sources claiming 16 soldiers killed, while also claiming to have killed over 40 militants. Clashes were sporadic through the night, with most firefights dissipating by 2 A.M.

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