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‘Jihadi Management required for resistance economy’


Speaking on the second day of an annual meeting with Basiji teachers in Mashhad, Ayatollah Gholam-Ali Safaei-Bushehri referred to the effective role of “Jihadi Management” in achieving a successful Resistance Economy, saying, “Ordinary management merely creates a movement for people but Jihadi Management, which is based on knowledge and science, creates a fast and efficient movement.”

The Supreme Leader’s representative in Bushehr province said Iran is facing specific conditions, including a “soft economic invasion” by the enemies, and thus we are concerned with two things – one is resistance against this invasion and the other is the creation of growth and progress in various economic spheres.

He explained that being Islamic, revolutionary and efficient are the main characteristics of Jihadi Management and added that a project to defeat Iran’s economy through sanctions was part of the imperialist powers’ agenda after the Islamic Revolution and under no circumstances should we be trust the ‘imperialist front.’

Ayatollah Safaei-Bushehri noted that the various economic programs designed by the enemies are discovered once they have impacted society and in these conditions, Jihadi Management, which contains altruistic management, will pay for itself through the progress of the Islamic system of government.

According to Rasa, the Friday prayer leader of Bushehr explained that a Resistance Economy, which is based on domestic capabilities, is impossible to achieve without Jihadi Management and added that with a lack of political and economic knowledge, we cannot manage a Resistance Economy properly.

“Jihadi management plays an important and decisive role in the Resistance Economy and we see that the economic movement in this country is gently declining and this is due to economic mismanagement,” he said.

Ayatollah Safaei-Bushehri said that instead of creating free-trade zones, we must create scientific, technological and academic zones and seek to advance a knowledge-based economy and export our knowledge through academic chairs.

“Jihadi Management” is a term introduced by Iran’s Supreme Leader in 2014. The main objective of Jihadi Management is to “pave the way for further participation of the private sector in different fields of economic activities and the resolution of cultural and economic interdependence.”


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