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Israeli Occupation Army Says Readying in Galilee to Resist Hezbollah Invasion

The regional Israeli occupation army division responsible for the Western Galilee region, the “Baram” brigade, has decided to establish a new battalion to protect the northern settlements from Hezbollah.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed Monday at a press conference the Zionist entity’s efforts exposing the tunnels in the North has destroyed Hezbollah’s ‘surprise plan for the next war’.

The Israeli army, however, is already preparing for the next confrontation with the Islamic Resistance and is not merely satisfying itself with defensive tactics, he added.

According to the report on the Israeli army website, the battalion, which was named “Gates of Fire” and given the number 9300, held a training program during the past month in which it practiced a wide range of scenarios it may encounter during a war.

“The establishment of the battalion “Baram” constitutes an important milestone in the defense of the northern border of the ‘state of Israel’, and another significant step for us to ensure that “good will overcome evil,’” Col. Roy Levy, commander of the Baram brigade, said on the Israeli army ‘s website.

According to Levy, the battalion was established to meet two main goals.

“The first is defensive – we’re engaged in a ‘war with time.’ In recent years, Hezbollah has intensified its battles in Syria, has acquired more sophisticated weapons, and has openly said that it plans to invade ‘our’ territory,” Levy elaborated. “We have to be prepared for the time it will choose to attack and be prepared to defend ourselves and attack them in return.”

“We are facing an enemy that intends to attack settlements and outposts,” Levy added. “The soldiers will have to act quickly, drive them out from ‘Israeli territory’ and prepare for the second mission – attacking key areas and severely damaging Hezbollah’s first line of defense in Lebanon.”

Source: Zionist regime media

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