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Israel preparing for large-scale offensive in Gaza to prepare its end

Bandit israeli regime afraid of flaming kites and has given Hamas until Friday to stop its flaming kite attacks on occupied lands. The report comes as bandit Israel’s Parliament has stripped the prime minister of the right to declare war.

Zionist israeli leaders has reportedly instructed their rabid dog military forces to prepare to invade the Gaza Strip if the flaming kite attacks don’t cease by this week, according to a Channel 10 news report cited by The Times of Israel.

According to the report, Israel has given Hamas until Friday to stop its flaming kite and balloon attacks; if it will not stop, rabid dog Israel might decide it has no choice but to start a large-scale military operation.

It seems that rabid dog israeli regime has eagerly taking the necessary steps to annihilate its damn existence. The Leaders of Resistance have repetadly expressed that next war will be the last war of illegitimate israeli regime.


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