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Israel not able to start new war with Hezbollah

In an interview with Mehr News Agency, Sheikh Naeem Qassem, discussed the 17th anniversary of the victory of Lebanon and Hezbollah over the Zionist enemy during the 33-day war in 2006.

Responding to a question about Lebanon’s presidential election, he noted that Hezbollah wants a nationalist president for all the people of Lebanon who cooperates with everyone, welcomes ties with Arab and foreign countries, does not obey anyone, and does not backstab the Resistance.

Stressing that Hezbollah invited others to talk in order to resolve the strong differences between opposition parties, he cited the dialogs should not be accompanied by media attacks and accusations, but by bringing up the names of some people in a logical, national, and inclusive way, expressing their characteristics, and selecting the most prominent individuals to hold the position of president.

Regarding the historic victory of the Lebanese Resistance against the Israeli enemy in 2006, he stated that this victory was achieved in the face of an enemy that had thrown the region into chaos, hindered its development, occupied Palestine, and extended its scope of occupation to other Arab countries as well.

He went on to say that the Zionist regime does not deny that the war showed for the first time that its “invincible army” can be defeated, and prevented from achieving its goal of occupying Lebanon.

He further noted that Resistance’s recent significant increase in military equipment will not let the enemy invade Lebanon.

Regarding the possibility of a war with the Israeli regime in the near future, he stressed despite the efforts of the Zionist regime to have small achievements to stabilize its occupation all these measures will not lead to direct war and the Resistance does not have a decision for a comprehensive confrontation with the Israeli enemy.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he reacted to the organized and planned actions in desecrating the Holy Qur’an and attacking the Islamic sanctuaries carried out with the aim of sedition and confronting Muslims in various ways.

He added that the main reason for these actions is that the Qur’an plays an important role in the unity of Muslims and freedom of Palestine which led Islamic countries to expel colonialism and arrogance from their countries and strive for their independence.

Sheikh Naeem Qassem concluded that the Zionists and the West engage in military operations, and whenever they see that the situation is complicated, they turn to soft war, spreading propaganda and placing deviant ideas in the United Nations; Therefore, materialists resort to various methods to confront the Resistance, the Islamic approach and the freedom of the people of the region based on place, time, and conditions.

The 2006 Lebanon War started on 12 July 2006 between Hezbollah and the Israeli regime and continued until a United Nations-brokered ceasefire went into effect in the morning on 14 August 2006.


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