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‘Israel’ Faces Existential Threat if Hezbollah Joins the War: Ex-Security Advisor

‘Israel’ will face an existential threat if Hezbollah, Iranian fighters in Iraq and Syria, and Palestinians from Judea and Samaria join the fighting, former National Security Advisor Giora Eiland said in an assessment on Sunday.

In an interview with Kan Bet, Eiland — a former head of the Israeli occupation military’s Planning Directorate —  said that the “State of Gaza has declared war on the State of Israel, and in this situation, it is not enough just to fight combatants, but it is incumbent upon Israel to hit the infrastructure inside Gaza that enables it to continue waging this war.”

Eiland suggested that the Zionist entity hit Gaza’s water supply, as well as cut it off from Egypt so that supplies cannot come in from there.

“When one state wages war against another, it is necessary to take the steps to ensure that the attacking state cannot function properly and continue to wage war,” he said in remarks reported by The Jerusalem Post.

Anticipating an international outcry about Israel causing a humanitarian crisis, Eiland said: “Only these types of draconian steps can put pressure on Hamas to release the Israeli men, women, and children it kidnapped.”

“When the world warns about a humanitarian crisis, Israel can reply that it has its own humanitarian crisis in the form of its citizens being held hostage by Hamas, and that these measures are justified in securing their release,” the former advisor added.

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