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Islamic Republic to follow Supreme Leader’s decree after JCPOA expiration



Following expiration of the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action in ten years, we are going to act only upon the Supreme Leader’s decree, says the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council.

After that time, we are not going to accept any restrictions, Ali Shamkhani said in a meeting on Friday with the families of martyrs and war veterans in reaction to recent remarks by the Zionist regime prime minister in the 71st United Nations General assembly meeting.Shamkhani said that after 10 years and following the expiration of the JCPOA, Iran will not accept any restrictions and will continue its peaceful nuclear program according to the Leader’s decree.

He also said that Iran’s power has been consolidated due to sacrifices made by the martyrs.

The Islamic Republic has now an inspiring role for the people of the region, Shamkhani said.

He referred to the widespread presence of terrorist groups in the region and criticized the West for its double-standard approach towards terrorism.

West manipulation of terrorism and its support of deviationist thoughts have resulted in the ongoing perilous situation in the world, he noted.

The official underlined that Washington’s repeated requests for negotiation with Iran on regional developments is because of failures of their programs.

The United States open and covert support for governments and groups that are boosting terrorism is the major obstacle on the way of Tehran-Washington negotiation on regional issues, he added.

Shamkhani said that the US has not been committed to its obligations towards Iran in the past and Iran cannot trust Washington.

The Muslims will not tolerate open and covert ties between reactionary countries and Zionist regime, he added.

Shamkhani urged Muslim countries to be cautious about real threats posed by the US and Zionist regime instead of preventing Hajj pilgrimage for certain countries’ pilgrims or forming coalitions for killing the Muslims.

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