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ISIS terrorists on strategic mountain near Deir Ezzor get smashed by Syrian Army artillery



The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) carried out a brutal artillery bombardment against ISIS  terrorists on the ISIS-held Thardeh Mountain to the south of Deir Ezzor city with rockets and shells yesterday.

With the securing of the Majbal (asphalt mines) area yesterday, the SAA’s elite Tiger Forces de facto established fire control over the western and south approaches to Deir Ezzor and also came to within three kilometers of the army defense perimeter around the city.

One of the first actions of the Tiger Forces following this was to bring up all of rocket artillery and heavy guns they had on hand and shell ISIS positions stationed atop Thardeh Mountain.

According to sources, ISIS positions on Thardeh were absolutely saturated with artillery fire and it is believed that the terrorist group’s manpower endured significant casualties.

As of now, the Tiger Forces units approaching Deir Ezzor from the northwest stand about two-and-a-half kilometers from the 137th Brigade Base, which is one of the main defense zones held by besieged Syrian Army troops who protect the city.

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