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ISIS ejected from another 5 towns in central Syria by pursuing army forces



The Syrian Arab Army, backed up by the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian Arab Air Force, has liberated another five towns from besieged ISIS militants in central Syria, bring the total count of settlements reclaimed from terrorists throughout the region today to nine.

Following the securing of al-Shalishat, Um Ten, al-Nabtiyah and al-Moadamiyah earlier today, the Syrian Army has pushed on the liberate the towns of Rasm al-Taweel, Biyout al-Nizal, al-Qantrah, Dahrt al-Sathiyah and Dahrt al-Nizal as well as a number of of hills surrounding the settlements.

All five of the most recently secured towns are located in the north-central Homs region of central Syria.

The advance has also seen the Syrian Army capture a range of military equipment that was abandoned by retreating Islamic State forces as they fled the battlefield today. The war loot reportedly includes armored vehicles, armed Toyota pickups and even field artillery.

During the course of today’s operation, Russian and Syrian airpower targeted and destroyed several ISIS bases and vehicle convoys near and beyond the Islamic State’s front-lines.

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