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ISIL’s Long Convoy Destroyed by Syrian Army in Sweida

The Syrian Army opened heavy fire at a long convoy of ISIL’s vehicles in the Southern province of Sweida, destroying the entire vehicles and killing the terrorists on board on Tuesday.

The artillery units launched a heavy shelling on ISIL’s movements along a road connecting Tarba and al-Kaseen regions, destroying a long convoy of the terrorists’ vehicles and killing the entire militants accompanying the convoy.

Other artillery and missile units pounded ISIL’s positions in the villages of al-Qizeh, Um Ravaq, Tal Olya and al-Dayatha in Northeastern Sweida, destroying the terrorists’ gathering centers and strongholds.

In the meantime, the army aircraft launched several bombing raids on ISIL’s positions and movements in Arz al-Kara’a in Sweida’s Eastern Badiyeh (desert).

On Wednesday, the army forwarded a long convoy of military vehicles and trucks carrying equipment to Eastern Sweida.

Over 50,000 army men, popular forces and tribal fighters have been dispatched to Sweida for cleansing the regions that have been under the control or attack of the terrorists.

The government forces purged the villages of Sharihi, Shabaki, Douma and Rami in Eastern Sweida of terrorists.

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