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ISIL terrorists to backfire on supporters: Iran cleric

ISIL to backfire on supporters

A senior Iranian cleric says backers of the ISIL Takfiri terrorists will eventually suffer the consequences of their support for the militants.

“By continuing to support them (ISIL) with money and other facilities, the smoke from the fire you have ignited will get into your own eyes,” Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami told worshippers at the weekly Friday Prayers in Tehran.

He added that the ISIL has been assigned the mission of massacring Muslims and realizing the objectives of the United States and the Israeli regime in the region.

The Iranian cleric also stated that volunteer fighters in Iraq and other Muslim countries will annihilate the ISIL.

The ISIL terrorists have committed heinous crimes and threatened all communities, including Shias, Sunnis, Kurds, Christians and Izadi Kurds, during their advances in Iraq.

Senior Iraqi officials have blamed the governments of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and some Persian Gulf Arab states for the growing terrorism in Iraq.

The ISIL and its associated militant groups are blamed for numerous sacrilegious acts. The terrorist groups have links with Saudi intelligence and are believed to be indirectly supported by the Tel Aviv regime.

The Iraqi Defense Ministry said on Thursday that ISIL’s second-in-command, Abu Hajar al-Souri, was killed in an airstrike carried out in the northern city of Mosul.

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