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ISIL terrorists bomb Assyrian church in NE Syria

The ISIL Takfiri terrorists have blown up a church in the Assyrian village of Tel Nasri in northeastern Syria, the latest incident in their campaign of terror.

The bombing of the church took place on Sunday in the province of Hasakah and reportedly led to the destruction of major parts of the site.

The village of Tel Nasri is near ISIL battlefront with Kurdish fighters who have managed to slow the terrorists’ advance through parts of Syria and Iraq.

According to Assyrian media reports, the Sunday explosion came after Kurdish forces attempted to reenter Tel Nasri.

Following the attack, the Sweden-based Assyrian Network for Human Rights issued a statement, condemning the blast as “a war crime according to international humanitarian law – which prohibits the targeting of religious facilities during the armed conflicts for any reason.”

The Takfiri group has also destroyed numerous ancient sites belonging to Assyrians in Iraq.

Last month, ISIL reduced to piles of rubble the Mar Behnam monastery built by Iraqi Assyrians near the northern city of Mosul as many as 1,600 years ago.

The terrorists in February attacked a number of Assyrian villages along the Khabur River in Hasakah Province, including Tel Nasri. They also kidnapped hundreds of Assyrian Christians.

“We will fight them (ISIL). They will be expelled from our villages,” said an Assyrian fighter in Syria, adding that they will treat ISIL militants as enemies of humanity.

The ISIL terrorists, with members from several Western countries, control parts of Syria and Iraq, and have been carrying out horrific acts of violence such as public decapitations and crucifixions against all ethnic and religious communities.

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