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ISIL loses Ground in Daraa Southwestern Countryside

Units of Syrian Arab Army operating in the southwestern countryside of Daraa continued their operations against ISIL terrorist organization, inflicting heavy losses upon terrorists.

SANA’s reporter said that army units launched accurate operations from Jileen town and its surrounding after intensive bombardment of terrorists’ dens and gatherings. Then heavy clashes erupted among army units and terrorist groups which used various types of machine guns, missiles and snipers in a failed attempt to prevent the advance of the army units which reached the outskirts of the town and its northern part in the direction of al-Mazira village.

The reporter added that scores of terrorists were killed and others injured due to the clashes as their fortified points were destroyed.

Syrian Army units, in cooperation with locals, tightened the noose around a number of terrorist groups of ISIL which infiltrated to Shbaki village about 38 km to the east of Suwaida city.


Source: SANA

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