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ISIL facing expulsion from Aleppo as Syrian Army advances: map



ISIL is facing expulsion from the Aleppo Governorate after losing several areas across the province.

Following the liberation of 5 villages on Tuesday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) entered the Maskanah Plain in southeast Aleppo, marking the first time they have entered this part of the province since their withdrawal in 2013.

Making matters worse for the Islamic State, the strategic Jirah Airbase that sits at the western bank of the Euphrates River is now surrounded from a number of flanks.

Should the Islamic State lose both the Jirah Airbase and Maskanah Plain, they will lose their final positions inside the Aleppo Governorate.

For the Syrian Arab Army, the potential liberation of the Maskanah Plain will put them at the western axis of the Al-Raqqa Goveernorate, marking their long-awaited return to this province since losing the Tabaqa Airport in August 2014.

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