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IRGC to spare no effort to support Palestinians against occupiers



Islamic Revolution Guard Corps in a statement released on Monday, condemned Zionist regime attack of Al-Aqsa mosque and said that new wave of intifada and uprising of youth in the occupied lands are Zionists and their regional and extra-regional allies nightmare.

The Zionist regime’s aggressive and criminal actions against Al-Aqsa mosque shows this regimes’ fear from Palestinian intifada, the statement said, adding that Zionist regime’s project for judaization of Al-Quds city will not make result.

The IRGC statement criticized silence of the claimants of human rights in the world and the Islamic states towards Israeli regime’s atrocities, adding that the Zionists’ plot for dominating the whole region from Nile to Euphrates has been already foiled.

It referred to emergence of new ant-Zionist movements across the world and underlined that despite proxy wars in the region, the issue of Palestine should remain the Islamic World’s top priorit

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