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IRGC symbol of Islamic Republic of Iran’s strength

Tehran's provisional Friday Prayers leader said that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is the symbol of the power of the Islamic Republic of Iran and active deterrence

Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Javad Haj Ali Akbari said during this week’s Friday prayers sermon in Tehran that the EU’s decision to blacklist the IRGC is “worthless”, adding that European states are in no position to do that.

“The fact that they target brave and talented IRGC is because it is the symbol of the might of the Islamic Republic and an active deterrent in the field of hard and soft war,” the senior cleric said.

Haj Ali Akbari said that the IRGC has placed itself in the hearts of the Iranian people, adding that the people have given the popular force a soft war and strength.

He added that the IRGC has brought together thousands of military and technical experts to advance the Islamic Revolution’s goals.

Tehran’s provisional Friday Prayers leader added that “the European countries are puppet governments in the hands of the United States”, adding blacklisting the IRGC comes after the Western countries failed to achieve their goals in their provoked riots in Iran.

Haj Ali Akbari concluded that the Islamic Republic of Iran will respond proportionately and firmly to the possible EU’s action.

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