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Iraq’s Expects ‘Easy’ Battle for ISIL-Held Tal Afar after Liberating Mosul



Iraqi Interior Ministry said it expected to easily liberate the Northern city of Tal Afar from ISIL militants, as they appear to be demoralized by the crushing defeat in Mosul.

The military operation aimed at liberation of the Northern Iraqi city of Tal Afar from the ISIL terror group, will be easier than the battle for Mosul, Lt. Col. Abdel Amir Mohammadawi, a spokesman of the elite units of the country’s Interior Ministry, RIA Novosti reported.

Tal Afar, located 30 miles away from recently liberated Mosul, is the last ISIL stronghold in Northern Iraq.

“The battle will be easier comparing with the battle for Mosul. The morale of ISIL elements in Tal Afar is low after the liberation of Mosul,” Mohammadawi said.

The official pointed out that the theater of operations was larger in Mosul with ISIL terrorists fiercely fighting for the city.

“The battle for Tal Afar will also be easy as our forces became much more skilled and experienced in determining the rival’s tactic,” Mohammadawi explained, adding that the Iraqi forces are waiting for an order to start the operation.

Mosul was declared liberated on July 9 by Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi after months of fighting against ISIL.

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