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Iraqi Forces Push Terrorists back from 2 Regions, 44 Oilfields in Nineveh Province



The Iraqi forces stormed ISIL’s defense lines in Nineveh province in the Northwestern part of the country and managed to seize control over 2 key regions and 44 oilfields, Iraq’s Joint Operation Command said in a statement.

The Operation Command announced on Thursday that the 15th Regiment of the Iraqi Army troops captured Zamar and Ein Zaleh regions in Western Nineveh, adding that the Iraqi soldiers also imposed control over 44 oilfields in the province.

In the meantime, the army units seized control over the town of Pishmarga-held Altin Ko’apri in Northern Kirkuk on Friday, the statement said.

Spokesman for the Iraqi Oil Ministry Asem Jihad announced on Tuesday that all the oilfields in Kirkuk came under the control of the Iraqi security forces, adding that management control over the oilfields was handed over to the oil ministry.

In relevant developments the global oil markets reacted to the escalation of the conflict with a surge in oil prices.

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