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Iraqi Forces Find ISIL’s Saudi Number Plates Near Mosul


Iraq’s joint military forces continued their military advances against the ISIL terrorists in Nineveh province, and discovered a large number of Saudi number plates in the newly-liberated hilltops near the city of Mosul.
“The Iraqi forces came across an area packed with number plates of Saudi Arabia in al-Baaj in Southern Mosul,” the Arabic-language media outlets said on Thursday.

On Wednesday, the Iraqi forces cleaned up 50 kilometers of the highway which links al-Qayara air base to al-Baaj hills as well as al-Hazar Y-junction in Southern Mosul of militant groups.

The armored unit 9 of the Iraqi army and the anti-terrorism forces also liberated the villages on the two sides of the highway.

In a relevant development in June 2014, a sum of 100 four-wheel-drive vehicles with Saudi number plates were also destroyed during the air strikes on ISIL’s positions.

The Iraq’s air force pounded the positions of the foreign-backed militants near the borders with Syria, killing over a dozen terrorists and destroying tens of vehicles which had been supplied to the terrorists by Saudi Arabia.

Over 15 ISIL terrorists were killed in Iraq’s air raids, the Iraq-based IMN news website reported at the time.

More than 350 ISIL terrorists have been killed in airstrikes in the Western province of al-Anbar, the Iraqi army’s regional operations command said.

Warplanes attacked the ISIL militants as they appeared to be parading near Fallujah, a city that has been under the control of the terrorists since January.

One of the ISIL leaders, identified as Yasser Nayi, was among those killed in the airstrike, the army said.

About 400 militants hid in a four-story building in Fallujah when they saw the warplanes approaching, an army commander in the city told the official Iraquiya network.

Military aircraft fired rockets and machine guns at the building, killing about 270 Sunni extremists and destroying seven vehicles, officials said.

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