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Iraqi Army Purges Fallujah’s Key Region of Terrorists


Iraq’s joint military forces managed to purge the remaining pockets of ISIL terrorists from a strategic region in the Northern part of the city of Fallujah on Friday.
The ISIL terrorists were driven out of al-Moalemi region of Fallujah city.
Meantime, Iraq’s Badr popular forces captured the ISIL’s most notorious sniper in al-Moalemin region.
The Iraqi forces have successfully accomplished their mop-up operations in almost 90 percent of Fallujah city.
Last Friday, Iraq’s Police Chief declared full liberation of Fallujah after the two-year-long ISIL control over the strategic city.
Commander of Iraq’s Federal Police Major General Raed Shaker Judat appeared on the country’s national TV in an interview carried out at the center of Falluja minutes ago, declaring that the city has been completely purged of ISIL terrorists.
Meantime, Fallujah Liberation Operation Commander Abdol-Wahhab Saedi told the state-run TV that his forces are in control of the entire city and state buildings.
The victory by the Iraqi forces came as they continued their clashes with ISIL militants in Iraq’s Western province of Anbar.

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