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Iraq to set up two military brigades in Kurdistan Region

The central government of Iraq is moving to set up two military brigades to protect the border with Iran, according to some reports.

“These military brigades will consist of residents of Iraqi Kurdistan, and financial resources from the federal budget will be allocated to set them up,” the deputy chairman of the security and defense parliamentary committee, Sagvan Sindi, told the Iraqi portal Shafaq News said on Monday.

He said the brigades will be deployed at the border of the Iraqi Kurdistan region with Iran, according to TASS.

Last week, the Security Council of the Iraqi government decided to adopt a set of measures to reinforce the protection of the border with two neighboring countries after the massive bombing of areas of Iraqi Kurdistan by Turkey and Iran. Iraqi border troops have reinforced 10 outposts along the borders, and additional units are being deployed. Work in the border area is helped by Iraqi intelligence units.

Since September 24, Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has targeted the positions of the terrorists, who are holed up in Iraqi Kurdistan.

IRGC has, on at least several occasions, urged the central government in Iraq as well as the Kurdistan region to meet their commitments towards Iran and take necessary measures to make the common border between the countries secure.

Turkey conducted air strikes in northern Iraq and Syria from the night of November 19 into the morning of November 20. The strikes were inflicted on the bases of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). Turkey has blamed the PKK and Syrian Kurds for the November 13 terrorist attack in Istanbul that killed six people.

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