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Iraq shut down over 20 bases of anti-Iran adversary groups

Turki al-Otaibi, one of the leaders of the Shiite “Al-Atar al-Tansiqi” (Coordination Framework), announced the increase in the number of dismantled bases of anti-Iran adversary separatist terrorist groups on the shared borders between Iraq and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Al-Otaibi told the Baghdad Al-Youm (Baghdad Today) news website that “Mohammed Al-Sudani’s government is implementing a bilateral agreement with Iran on border security at the Kurdistan region, in order to prevent any activity that causes tension and instability.”

Dismantling the bases of terrorist groups near the border of Iran takes place within the framework of a security agreement signed between Tehran and Baghdad.

“The number of headquarters of Iranian opposition parties that have been shutdown in along the Iraqi shared border has increased to 20 so far, adding that, “The process of disarming and preventing any armed presence along the border continues.”


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