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Iraq receives great help from Iran to liberate Mosul: Iraqi envoy



Iran extended invaluable help to Iraq during the Mosul operation which led to the liberation of the old city in July 10, the Iraqi ambassador in Athens has said.

The Terrorist group of Daesh (ISIS) did cause serious damage to the infrastructure system in Iraq, Gazi Zebari said at a ceremony held on Wednesday at the Iraqi Embassy in the Greek capital to commemorate the July 10 liberation of Mosul from the Daesh terrorists.

He went on to say that several Iraqi cities including Mosul, the second biggest city in the country, have almost been destroyed completely while being occupied by Daesh.

During Daesh occupation, the oil resources in Iraq had been looted and also sold to other countries, he added.

Noting that Mosul operation took nine months, the ambassador said some regional and trans-regional countries have expressed readiness to help reconstructing the Iraqi cities.

According to reports, over 1,000 Takfiri terrorists were killed and tens of bomb-laden vehicles were destroyed in Mosul liberation operation.

Also, more than 28,000 Daesh forces 130 of which were top commanders with 86 others being logistic commanders, were killed.

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