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Iran’s Larijani: Arrogant Powers Trying to Destabilize Region




Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani hit back at recent Saudi remarks, saying that arrogant powers are trying to cause trouble in the region.

Some countries in the region are providing arrogant powers with leverage to go on with their adventurism, Larijani said on Tuesday.

The Iranian speaker added that it is a sense of honor for such hostile countries to sow discord among Muslim nations, IRNA news agency reported.

On the other hand, Larijani noted that a huge turnout by the Iranian people in the upcoming elections can deter enemy conspiracies and secure country’s dignity and honor

Saudi deputy crown prince Mohammed bin Salman has recently claimed Riyadh is working towards bringing the war into Iran.

‘Instead, we will work so that the battle is for them in Iran, not in Saudi Arabia,’ he said.

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