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Iran’s Deputy FM Warns West against Repercussions of Supporting Terrorists in Syria

13921030000090_PhotoI2-300x204Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian cautioned the western countries and their regional allies to stop supporting the extremist and Takfiri groups in Syria, or wait for tragic incidents like the September 11 attacks in foreseeable future.
“Continuation of this trend can result in incidents bigger than the September 11 attacks in any of the regional or world countries,” Amir Abdollahian said in a press conference in Moscow on Monday.
He stated that supporters and financers of the terrorists and Takfiris in Syria should not forget the reality that although Al-Qaeda grew up in Afghanistan, the 9/11 incident happened thousands of kilometers farther in New York.
“In fact any attempt to reinforce extremism and terrorism will harm regional security and stability,” the Iranian deputy foreign minister warned, and added, “The International Community should prevent support for terrorism in the region.”
Iranian officials have repeatedly underlined that Tehran is in favor of negotiations between the Syrian government and opposition groups to create stability in the Middle Eastern country.
In November 2012, Iran hosted a meeting between the representatives of the Syrian government and opposition to encourage them to start talks to find a political solution to their problems. The National Dialogue Conference kicked off work in Tehran mid November with the motto of ‘No to Violence, Yes to Democracy”.
The meeting brought together almost 200 representatives of various Syrian ethnicities, political groups, minorities, the opposition, and state officials.

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