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Iranian DM Visits Base of Resistance Forces in Aleppo

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami made a visit to a military base hosting the Syrian army’s allies and resistance forces in Aleppo, hailing their efforts in the fight against terrorist groups.

During the visit on Monday, General Hatami held talks with the commanders of resistance forces and he was informed of the latest developments in the process of purging operations in Aleppo and establishment of peace, security and stability in the city.

Addressing the rapid-reaction units of the resistance forces stationed at the base, he praised them for efforts to establish peace and security in the region by fighting the terrorists.

“You were able to foil the dirty and big plots of the enemies in the region,” General Hatami said.

He also expressed the hope that peace and security would be fully established in Syria and the entire region as a result of efforts made the Syrian Armed Forces and the resistance forces.

In relevant remarks on Tuesday, General Hatami warned that the international war against Syria had not yet ended, stressing Damascus’ right to respond to any aggression.

“Most Syrian territories are now under control by Damascus, (but) the war in Syria has not ended because some parts of the Syrian lands are still occupied by the terrorists and militants,” General Hatami said in an interview with the Arabic-language al-Mayadeen news channel.

“The Syrian government is entitled to respond to any aggression as it did in the past,” the Iranian defense minister said.

Elsewhere, he elaborated on a defense agreement signed with Damascus during his current visit to the country, and said that it paves the ground for renovation of Syria’s military industries.

Asked about Iran’s military advisory role in Syria, General Hatami said, “The Iranian forces’ presence in Syria is at the demand of Damascus and no third country is entitled to opine on this issue.”

Tehran and Damascus signed an agreement on Sunday to broaden defense cooperation during a visit by General Hatami who has emphasized Iran’s commitment to the Arab country’s security.

“The document will define the areas of bilateral presence, participation, and cooperation” in defense ties,” General Hatami said after signing the document with his Syrian counterpart General Ali Abdullah Ayyoub in Damascus.

The agreement was signed by General Hatami and General Ayyoub.

The defense agreement was signed after comprehensive rounds of negotiations between Iranian defense minister and Syrian officials, including Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

General Ayyoub, for his part, lauded the role of Iran in helping the Syrian government achieve remarkable victories against terrorists and their sponsors.

“We will materialize our national interests in the light of bilateral cooperation and we won’t allow any party or country to affect the stable and solid relations between the two countries,” the Syrian defense minister said.

General Hatami arrived in the Syrian capital on Sunday afternoon at the head of a senior military and defense delegation.

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