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Iranian Commander: ISIL Created to Change Map of Middle-East

Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Brigadier General Massoud Jazzayeri underlined that the US has created the ISIL terrorist group to implement its long-term plot to change the Middle-East’s map.

“The ISIL is the product of the thoughts and acts of the US state-sponsored terrorism with the aim of defaming Islam and preventing people’s tendency in different societies and countries towards this religion,” Jazzayeri said, addressing a number of Armed Forces’ commanders and officials in Tehran on Sunday.

“Implementation of plots to create a new Middle-East, creation of desired changes in line with the illegitimate interests of the Zionist regime, creating uncertainty in the resistance front and the nations’ awakening, the destruction of culture and civilization and resources of the regional countries’ progress and development to weaken the Muslims in all fields with the help and alliance of the regional hirelings are among other goals of creating the ISIL,” he added.

Jazzayeri warned that the destructive consequences of creating and advocating the terrorist groups will entangle their supporters in the near future.

In relevant remarks in April, Supreme Leader’s top adviser for international affairs Ali Akbar Velayati underlined that extremist groups, including the ISIL, were born and nurtured by the US.

“Today, we see extremist groups like ISIL which are the protégés of the Americans and do not see any difference between various Muslim sects and group and massacre everyone. They claim to be supporters of Islam but their behavior and actions are against their words,” Velayati said in a meeting with Secretary General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) Abu Ahmad Fouad in Tehran.

He said the interesting point is that the members of the ISIL terrorist group show no enmity towards the Zionist regime.

Also in March, Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi said the recent capture of the US military advisers who were aiding the ISIL in Northern Iraq was a compelling proof that Washington has created the Takfiri terrorist group.

“The capture of the American advisers by the Iraqi army leaves no doubt that ISIL has been created by the US,” Boroujerdi told reporters.

He underlined that the American people who would never forget the beheading of their journalists by ISIL now blast Washington officials as the main culprits in the crime.

Iraqi Special Forces declared in March that they had apprehended several foreign military advisors of ISIL, including American, Israeli and Arab nationals, in an operation in Mosul in the Northern parts of the country.

The Iraqi forces said they had retrieved four foreign passports, including those that belonged to American and Israeli nationals and one that belonged to the national of a Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC) member-state, from ISIL’s military advisors.

The foreign advisors were arrested in a military operation in Tal Abta desert near Mosul city.

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