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Iranian Cleric: Arab heads follow Zionist orders


Grand Ayatollah Mahmoud Rajabi, member of Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom, in an interview with RASA News Agency referred to the decision to try prominent Shia cleric, Sheikh Issa Qassim under false accusations stressing that Arab Sheikhs are puppets of world arrogant powers, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He said,” Disintegration of Islamic countries by the UK and formation of smaller governments is due to whims of the enemies to dominate the Arabs and the Arab sheikhs to follow their orders.”

The cleric has called the Zionists as the major enemies of Islam and noted,” Naturally their puppets will confront Islam in their best possible way only to satisfy their masters.”

He added,” Al Kalifa imagines that it can oppress religious feelings of the people through illogical and lunatic behaviors and push them back from their rightful demands while Bahraini people were quite noble not to make any violent or armed move against oppressions of Al Kalifa.”

Ayatollah rajabi noted the logic of Bahraini people to demand their rights through peaceful demonstrations and said,” These people demand nothing more than their religious and human rights which are admitted by the international community” Criticizing the orders issued by world arrogant powers as part of Islamophobia moves.

He criticized inaction of Muslim clerics and called them to take a unified stance saying,” Certainly if scholars across the world of Islam take serious stances against arrogance of Al Kalifa regime, it will not dare to take similar measures anymore.”

Senior Iranian cleric also rejected Muslim division as one of the most serious intrigues by world arrogant powers and said,” Enemies have fabricated British version of Shia to provoke Sunni community against Shia Islam same way that it has innovated Takfiri Wahhabi to provoke Shia Muslims against their Sunni brothers.”

“Once Muslim clerics unite in a firm stance then hostile intrigues to disperse Muslims will be foiled” said the Iranian cleric.

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