Enemies of Syria

Iranian assistant chief of staff: The US is running terrorist war against Syria and Iraq

سردار جزایری به العالم گفت: تهدید اÛAssistant Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Massoud Jazaeri said it is the US which is running the command center of the terrorist war against Syria and Iraq.
Jazaeri was quoted by the Iranian Fars news agency as saying in a statement on Saturday that the acts and practices of the terrorist groups in Syria, Iraq and other countries in the region are part of “the strategy of world hegemony against the peoples of the region.”
This strategy, he added, has been used against countries which reject the American domination, as proved by the facts and events in the region.
The Iranian official cited what happened in Syria as an example of the attempts to undermine “the revolutionary powers in the Islamic world” and distract them with internal challenges away from “threatening the interests of the imperialism and the Zionist entity,” attempts, he added, that come within the scope of the Americans’ plots that are being accurately implemented.
Jazaeri however stressed that these attempts and the proxy war against Syria has failed, which has pushed the Americans to open a new front in Iraq to step up pressure on the “resistance”.
“Yet, the resistance won’t allow the enemy to cross the red lines,” he added.

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