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Iranian Air Defense System Can Counter 5th-Generation Fighters: Commander

Iran’s homegrown ‘Bavar-373’ air defense missile system enjoys such advanced technologies that it can take action against fifth-generation fighter aircraft, a senior commander said.

The Iranian Defense Ministry on Sunday unveiled ‘Sayyad 4B’, a new solid-propellant missile paired with Bavar-373 air defense system with a range of 300 kilometers.

In comments on the sidelines of the event, Commander of Air Defense Force of the Iranian Army Brigadier General Alireza Sabahifard said Bavar-373 is capable of countering the fifth-generation fighter jets which have a low-observable Radar Cross Section (RCS).

He said Iranian technicians have managed to extend the range of the homegrown air defense missile system to over 300 kilometers in less than two years.

Bavar-373 is beyond the level of today’s threats in the world, the commander added, saying Iran continues to upgrade the system.

“Today everybody knows that our equipment is at the cutting edge of the modern world’s technology,” the general stated.

Sayyad 4B missile’s engine runs on hybrid solid fuel and has undergone an operational test for the first time.

The new breakthrough has increased the range of the detection radar of Bavar 373 from 350 to 450 km, while its tracking radar’s range has risen from 260 to 400 kilometers.

The employment of Sayyad 4B also means that the range of the Iranian air def

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