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Iran: “We will treat EU armies in region as terrorist groups”

The Iranian parliament speaker warned the EU countries against blacklisting the IRGC, saying Iran will deal with EU armies in the region as terrorist groups if the EU goes ahead with its decision.

Speaking during a ceremony held to commemorate 437 Holdy Defence martyrs in the city of Bandar Anzali, Iranian parliament speaker Mohammad Bagheri Ghalibaf pointed to the European Countries’ recent attempt to blacklist the Iranian IRGC as a terrorist organization and said that “The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is an official military institution in the Islamic Republic and a well-known anti-terrorism organization in the world. Therefore, if the European Union does not avoid its miscalculation, it will show that it has supported terrorism as a part of its official policy.”

According to Ghalibaf, “if the proposal of the European Parliament to declare IRGC as a terrorist organization is approved, the Iranian parliament will retaliate and put the European governments that support terrorists and their armies on the terrorism list.”

“We will deal with them as a terrorist group,” he further pointed out.

Ghalibaf went on to note that the Enemies are trying to eliminate “Martyrdom culture” by waging a hybrid war, stressing that through following the path of martyrs, the problems could be resolved and the country can be saved from the threats.

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