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Iran VP: Iran, Venezuela need closer joint coop. against Trump’s policies

Iranian Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Morteza Sarmadi said Sun. that Iran and Venezuela need to boost joint efforts to stand against the destructive policies of US President Trump.

Rouhani’s special envoy and Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs at Iran’s Foreign Ministry, Morteza Sarmadi, made the remarks in a meeting with Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro on Sunday in Caracas.

The meeting took place as part of Sarmadi’s Latin American tour, following his earlier visit to Bolivia.

During the meeting, the Iranian diplomat censured the US unilateral policies as an undermining factor for processes of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, as well as the mechanisms of international law.

The US unilateral and destructive policies have even been utilized against its allies, particularly Canada and the EU, he added, calling for closer and more serious cooperation between Iran and Venezuela in standing against Trump’s policies.

For his part, President Maduro reassured the Iranian official of his country’s decisive support to Iran against US aggressive approaches.

“Trump, following a dangerous policy, considers himself as the leader of the world and orders every country around,” he added.

Maduro noted Trump’s bullying polices toward Mexican immigrants, as well as other aspects of his destructive approaches in Latin America, adding “Obama, with a covert policy and Trump with an overt policy, both sought the destruction of Venezuela and other independent countries.”

“We must firmly stand against US patronizing policies in OPEC and coordinate the policies of OPEC and non-OPEC members against Washington,” he stressed.

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