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Iran unveils new missile system



Iran unveiled a new missile system on Wednesday during the parades marking the country’s National Army Day.

The new missile system, dubbed Kamin-2, is a low-flying projectile that targets unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) at a low height.

It has been indigenized and upgraded by Iranian expert sin consistent with the world’s modern technologies.

The system has been the upgraded version of a missile known as Mersad, which has been tried during defensive exercises.

Today’s ceremony was attended by a number of senior commanders of Iran’s Armed Forces.

Scores of local and foreign reporters are present on the site for live coverage of the event.

Thirty years ago on the same day, the US attacked Iran’s oil platforms of Nasr and Salman in the Persian Gulf and the Army forces deployed on the platforms were martyred as a result.
Imam Khomeini named the day after the Army’s sacrifices in defending the country against the aggression.

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