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Iran: Terrorists commit crimes using US-made weapons



Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan said on Wednesday that Takfiri Wahhabi terrorists commit crimes with US made weapons cross the globe, mainly in Syria and Iraq.

“I advise the US defense secretary to study the history of US military confrontations and anti-human crimes in Vietnam, Iraq, Somalia, and Afghanistan and recently in Syria and Yemen to find a way out of the self-trapped quagmire then they will find the root cause of accusing others,” he said.

They should know that the ear of bullying, age of triggering, accusing others and interventions is over, he said.

The US top officials should mind resolving their domestic issues and avoid creating crisis and triggering flames of wars in Korea and the Middle East region, he said.

Nations appropriately receive the cunning and mean allegations of their enemies and their response will be in accordance to their measures, he said.

The Yemeni nation who are victims of Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia wining all-out US supports, have relied on their people might and have disappointed the enemies to attain their goals and are determined to pave the path until final victory, the minister said.

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